Biuro Turystyki i Przewozów "Partner" Sławomir Albiński

Partner (Partner) Kołobrzeg ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
ZKL R223Autosan H10-11.031986199920072007NoNoLink
ZKL J737Ikarus 256.551986200220052005NoNoLink
ZKL F175Autosan H10-12.161991200020122012NoNoWPEC Zielona GóraLink
ZKL F049EOS 901993200120182018NoNoZWN MiddelburgLink
ZKL 37AWMercedes-Benz O404-15RHD-L199320052013NoNoLink
ZKL 07243Mercedes-Benz O403-15SHD200020072015NoNoLink
BS 57200Volvo 9700HD NG 13,0m200920092015NoNoLink
ZKL 326KUVolvo 9700HD NG 13,8m201220122022NoNoLink
ZKL 18460Volvo 9700HD UG 13,8m20142014NoYesLink
ZKL 13849Volvo 9700HD UG 13,8m20152015NoYesLink
ZK 6038FMAN RHC464 Lion`s Coach L20182018NoYesMAN WolicaLink
ZKL 34377Volvo 9700HD UG 13,8m20182018NoYesLink
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