Krka-Promet (Krka-Promet) Šibenik ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
BJ 617-FVMAN NL202??2015NoNoČazmatrans VukovarLink
ŠI 458-CMTAM 260 A 116 M??2014NoNoLink
ŠI 459-CMTAM 190 A 111985?2014NoNoAutotransport ŠibenikLink
BJ 439-FZVolvo B10R / Ramseier & Jenzer1986?2015NoNoAutotransport ŠibenikLink
BJ 438-FZVolvo B10R / Ramseier & Jenzer1986?2015NoNoAutotransport ŠibenikLink
ŠI 457 CMTAM 260 A 116 M1988?2014NoNoAutotransport ŠibenikLink
ŠI 456-CMTAM 260 A 116 M1989?2014NoNoLink
BJ 435-FZMAN NL222199520022014NoNoEngelmann ChemnitzLink
BJ 443-FZMAN NÜ263199720052014NoNoMaass Reisen CuxhavenLink
BJ 442-FZMAN NL313199920102014NoNoIVB InnsbruckLink
GS 473-CEMAN NL3132000?2014NoNoSITO NovaljaLink
BJ 441-FZMAN NÜ263200120102014NoNoBoos-Bus AllershausenLink
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