Autocars Schoonaert

Schoonaert (Schoonaert) Holque ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
CWL 40H7Bova Futura FLD 12-3001996201020142017NoNoLink
DPL 28272Iveco Daily 65C15 / Indcar Wing200420042012NoNoLink
CF-475-FPVDL Futura FHD2-139/46020122012NoYesLink
CD-338-TVVDL Futura FHD2-129/41020122012NoYesLink
065WGM 8586GMercedes-Benz Tourismo 16RHD/2201320132022NoNoLink
DG-185-GSMercedes-Benz Intouro M20142014NoYesLink
EK-040-DMVDL Futura FMD2-129/37020172017NoYesLink
EL-408-XLMercedes-Benz Intouro M20172017NoYesLink
FE-695-QRVDL Futura FMD2-129/37020182019NoYesLink
FJ-211-TRVan Hool EX16H20192019NoYesLink
Scania LK410EB 4x2 NI Interlink HD20202020NoYesLink
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