Schnare Reisen

Schnare Reisen (Schnare Reisen) Berne ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
BRA-LE 5MAN 750-HO-M 11 A19681979NoYesBSAG BremenLink
HB-LU 292MAN 750 HO-SL19701980??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
HB-LU 102MAN 750 HO-SL19701980??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-V 363MAN SL19219721982??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-JA 96MAN SL19219721982??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-CX 97MAN SL19219721982??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-V 366MAN SL19219721982??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-NN 26MAN SL19219731982??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-MAN SL19219731983??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-LH 17MAN SL20019751988??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-KD 74MAN SL20019751988??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-??Mercedes-Benz O30519761990?NoNoBSAG BremenLink
HB-NU 270MAN SL20019761991??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
HB-NU 310MAN SL20019761989??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
HB-NU 260MAN SL20019761991??NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-AJ 558Mercedes-Benz O30519801992?NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-AJ 241Mercedes-Benz O30519801992?NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-AZ 367MAN SL200198219932001NoNoBSAG BremenLink
BRA-FT 45MAN SL20019821999??NoNoKVG Braunschweig SalzgitterLink
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