Ченсфилд 55 ЕООД

Ченсфилд 55 (Chiensfild 55) Варна (Varna)

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
В 6259 НАSetra S215 UL?201220182018NoNoLink
В 0223 РРMercedes-Benz O407?201120132013NoNoLink
В 7006 НХSetra S315 UL19962012NoYesOK Kleinhenz GerolzhofenLink
B 9946 TAMercedes-Benz O530G19992020NoYesSippel HofheimLink
B 6921 HXMercedes-Benz O55020002013NoYesLink
B 1575 TCMercedes-Benz O530G20002020NoYesPfeiffer StadtkyllLink
B 2148 TCSetra S315 NF20022020NoYesLink
B 9749 TAMercedes-Benz O530G20022020NoYesVZO GrüningenLink
B 1580 TCMercedes-Benz O530G20022020NoYesSWO OsnabrückLink
B 9948 TAMercedes-Benz O530G20022020NoYesSippel HofheimLink
B 2261 TCSetra S315 NF (K)20032020NoYesRVO MünchenLink
B 9967 TAMercedes-Benz O530G20042020NoYesStadtwerke Baden-BadenLink
B 2915 BXMercedes-Benz O550NoYesLink
B 0134 PTSetra S315 ULNoYesLink
B 7315 KHSetra S315 ULNoYesLink
В 4409 РРSetra S315 ULNoYesLink
Number: Number of Vehicles:

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