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List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
KR 6AV60Setra S415 HD20042017NoNoLink
O4 INTERSetra S415 GT-HD20042014?NoNoVITA ArnadLink
HD-046023Setra S415 GT-HD200420142018NoNoLink
O3 INTERSetra S415 GT-HD2004?2016NoNoLink
O8 INTERSetra S415 HD200420142018NoNoLink
ST 35409Mercedes-Benz 413 CDI20052010?NoNoAlter Strzelce OpolskieLink
WGR 10681Setra S415 GT-HD2005?2017NoNoLink
KGR XS99Setra S415 GT-HD200520142017NoNo? MâconLink
ST 35406Mercedes-Benz 413 CDI20052010?NoNoAlter Strzelce OpolskieLink
O1 INTERSetra S415 GT-HD200520122017NoNoLink
O0 INTERMercedes-Benz O510200520122017NoNoThells Södra SandbyLink
GA 801APSetra S415 HD200520122017NoNoLink
SZY 55804Setra S417 UL200620142019NoNoBlaguss BratislavaLink
DW 881XAMercedes-Benz O510200620142017NoNoLink
O9 INTERMercedes-Benz O510200620142017NoNoLink
ВО 1661 ВНMercedes-Benz 515 CDI200620102015NoNoAlter Strzelce OpolskieLink
D3 INTERSetra S415 GT-HD20062014?NoNoLink
W0 JNTERSetra S415 GT-HD20062013NoYesLink
O7 INTERSetra S415 GT-HD2006?NoYesLink
CW 7776AMercedes-Benz O510200620152017NoNoEgeskov Turistfart FredericiaLink
SK 684LHSetra S417 GT-HD200720152017NoNoLink
D6 INTERSetra S416 GT-HD/220072016NoYesLink
DWR 1410EVolkswagen Crafter200720102013NoNoLink
O6 INTERSetra S415 GT-HD2007NoYesLink
D1 INTERSetra S417 GT-HD200820142017NoNoLink
W4 INTERMercedes-Benz 419 CDI2010??NoNoLink
W3 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI2010?NoNoLink
KRA 3121MMercedes-Benz 419 CDI2010?2018NoNoLink
KOL JT88Mercedes-Benz 419 CDI2010?2014NoNoEska-Bus OlkuszLink
S5 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI2011?NoNoLink
S3 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI2011?NoNoLink
SK 695GPMercedes-Benz 419 CDI201220122015NoNoLink
SJ 2636AMercedes-Benz 419 CDI20122012?NoNoLink
W8 INTERMercedes-Benz 419 CDI20122012?NoNoLink
W9 INTERMercedes-Benz 419 CDI20122012?NoNoLink
K1 INTERMercedes-Benz 419 CDI20132013?NoNoLink
K0 INTERMercedes-Benz 419 CDI20132013?NoNoLink
SJ 69???Mercedes-Benz 519 CDI201420142017NoNoLink
K6 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI2014201420192019NoNoLink
K5 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI201420142017NoNoLink
K2 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI201420142017NoNoLink
SJ 76512Mercedes-Benz 519 CDI201420142017NoNoLink
K7 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI / CMS Auto201520152019NoNoLink
82NU-04595Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 17RHD20152018NoYesLink
81K8 FLIX1Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 17RHD20152018NoYesRexer CalwLink
71K7 FLIX1Setra S517 HD20152018NoYesLink
R1SK 944JMSetra S515 HD201620162019NoNoLink
R2SK 943JMSetra S515 HD201620162018NoNoLink
K8 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI / CMS Auto201620162019NoNoLink
K9 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI / CMS Auto201620162019NoNoLink
T3 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI / CMS Auto201620162019NoNoLink
96WOT 32208Setra S519 HD20162020NoYesLink
T4 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 CDI / CMS Auto201620172019NoNoLink
32K3 FLIX2Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16RHD/220172018NoYesUniBus KrakówLink
35K3 FLIX5Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16RHD/220172018NoYesUniBus KrakówLink
36K3 FLIX6Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16RHD/220172018NoYesUniBus KrakówLink
R5R5 INTERSetra S516 HD/220172017NoYesLink
R6R6 INTERSetra S516 HD/220172017NoYesLink
34K3 FLIX4Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16RHD/220172018NoYesUniBus KrakówLink
31K3 FLIX1Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16RHD/220172018NoYesUniBus KrakówLink
R3R3 INTERSetra S515 HD20172017NoYesLink
R4R4 INTERSetra S515 HD20172017NoYesLink
T6 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 BlueTEC / CMS Auto20172017NoYesLink
T5 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 BlueTEC / CMS Auto20172017NoYesLink
R7R7 INTERSetra S516 HD/220172017NoYesLink
R8R8 INTERSetra S516 HD/220172017NoYesLink
33K3 FLIX3Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16RHD/220172018NoYesUniBus KrakówLink
93K9 FLIX3Setra S519 HD20172019NoYesLink
94K9 FLIX4Setra S519 HD20172019NoYesMixs ToruńLink
E2EL 5K301Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E16 RHD M/220182018NoYesLink
T9 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 BlueTEC / CMS Auto20182018NoYesLink
T8 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 BlueTEC / CMS Auto20182018NoYesLink
L1L1 INTERSetra S517 HD20182018NoYesLink
R0R0 INTERSetra S516 HD/220182018NoYesLink
63KN 8631ASetra S516 HD/220182018NoYesLink
92WPR 2961NSetra S519 HD20182019NoYesLink
64KN 8632ASetra S516 HD/220182018NoYesLink
C2 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 BlueTEC / CMS Auto20182018NoYesLink
E1EL 6J822Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E16 RHD M/220182018NoYesLink
C1 INTERMercedes-Benz 519 BlueTEC / CMS Auto20182018NoYesLink
R9R9 INTERSetra S516 HD/220182018NoYesLink
62KN 8633ASetra S516 HD/220182018NoYesLink
61KN 7064ASetra S516 HD/220182018NoYesLink
W25W2 FLIX5Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
W26W2 FLIX6Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
W21WPR 2453NMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
C3 INTERMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk III20192019NoYesLink
W27WGM 75044Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
95K9 FLIX5Setra S519 HD20192019NoYesLink
C4 INTERMercedes-Benz Sprinter Mk III20192019NoYesLink
W28Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
G2WPR 3213NSetra S516 HD/220192019NoYesLink
89K8 FLIX9Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
80OP 7712LMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
88OP 7714LMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
86OP 7713LMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
G1G1 INTERSetra S516 HD/220192019NoYesLink
91KN 8503CSetra S519 HD20192019NoYesLink
83OP 6579LMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
84OP 6580LMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
85OP 6980LMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
87OP 6581LMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
W23WPR 2473NMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesEvoBus WolicaLink
W22WPR 2463NMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
W24WGM 75045Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
WGM 74673Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesEvoBus WolicaLink
G3WPR 3214NSetra S516 HD/220192019NoYesLink
S81SK 809SAMercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20192019NoYesLink
K37K3 FLIX7Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E16 RHD M/220192019NoYesLink
WGM 83628Mercedes-Benz Tourismo E17 RHD L20202020NoYesLink
S2 INTERMercedes-Benz 419 CDI??NoNoLink
S1 INTERMercedes-Benz 515 CDI??NoNoLink
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